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When it comes to DIB companies, all of them need to guarantee the information they have and manage is always safe. As a response to this need, the U.S. Department of Defense requested all companies to worry about getting CMMC certified in Arkansas.

CMMC-Certified -iso 9001 arkansas

Defense contractors have to go through a difficult path in order to not only meet clients’ needs or just offer the best. They also need to think about how they can keep everything related to their information and their clients, safe from any threat and harm.

Cybersecurity is at the top of measures that need to be taken since most information is handled electronically and physical one has fallen behind, especially among DIB companies. In the past, the cybersecurity system of the company was handled without having to get certified in a standard.

But the result of giving defense contractors the freedom to establish, maintain and improve this system in their companies was to just prevent a few risks, not all of them based on the information they manage. In order to guarantee cybersecurity across the defense industrial base—DIB—implementing the guidelines in CMMC started to be a mandatory requirement since 2020.

CMMC stands for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification and the way the standard works is by levels. Since each DIB company works with different information—more relevant or secret—, the levels go from 1 to 5. Those that only handle a small part of it and don’t manage any details, can go for the level 1 or 2 certifications.

The level you need depends on not only the data but also your maturity as a company and how much you need to implement to guarantee the best cybersecurity system. At IQC The ISO Pros of Arkansas, we can assist you by determining the level of cybersecurity you need and help to implement the guidelines to obtain the certification.

Being CMMC certified means you have met certain requirements and the certification will show the level you offer to the clients. If you need to offer more reliability to your clients by having a higher level in cybersecurity, you can always start implementing the extra guidelines for the specific level you’re aiming for.

All this can be handled by our experts and we will also train you to be able to understand the standard and ensure you maintain the framework that guarantees security and privacy.

Our services, both implementation and training but also consulting and auditing, are available in the entire state of Arkansas. This means that as long as you’re a DIB company or defense contractor, you can rely on us to help you with your certification.

CMMC is a very recent standard, which means not many professionals in the field know how to implement it properly and ensure the guidelines harmonize with the needs of your company.

But we know how everything works after investing time and effort in understanding the certification and handling it before it even became official in Arkansas.

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